Short Marketing Course – The Top 16 Internet Marketing Methods to Bring Traffic for Your Website

In our short marketing course today, here’s a quick look at the top 16 Internet marketing techniques for bringing high quality visitors to your website. Mastering the web marketing techniques in today’s short marketing course will jump-start the number of people who could actually buy from you while reducing the risks involved with growing your business.

When it comes to the Internet, for most marketers there are two primary goals:

  • Attract people to your website, and then
  • Convert those visitors into actual buyers.

In today’s short marketing course I’d like to show you the 16 primary methods for attracting people to your website. More extensive details on each of these methods are available in our GUIDE TO MARKETING ON THE INTERNET.

If you are trying to bring people to your website, the top 16 primary marketing methods include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. TV, Radio, Print Ads
  3. Talks, Speeches, Seminars
  4. Directories
  5. PR and Press Releases
  6. Online eZine Articles
  7. Pay-Per-Click (Web Ads, Banners)
  8. Viral Marketing
  9. Webinars, Teleseminars
  10. Social Media (Facebook, YouTube)
  11. Tell-A-Friend
  12. Email to Your Lists
  13. Email to Rented Lists
  14. eNewsletters (Other People’s Lists)
  15. Affiliates
  16. Joint Venture Partners

Number 1 in today’s short marketing course is Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO. This is where you make your website and its individual pages friendly to Google and the other search engines. This includes selecting one or two keywords the search engines will list you under, using the keyword in the title and description of each web page, getting incoming links from websites the search engines consider authority websites, and more. This can be complicated but there’s plenty of free SEO help and advice on YouTube and throughout the Internet. There are also plenty of professionals available to manage this for you, but you need to be careful, as with anything on the Internet, supposed experts often are not.

For number 2 in today’s short marketing course on how to increase the number of high quality visitors to your website is having every TV, Radio and Print Ad you create including an invitation for people to come and visit your website.

For number 3… All your Talks, Speeches and Seminars should also have an invitation for people to come to your website. Do this by offering them something special just for them, like a report they can download, or some checklist or other helpful tool. Then, ask for their email address in exchange for the info you give them.

Number 4 in today’s short marketing course is getting listed in Directories, both free and paid. Top directories can bring people to your website while boosting your website’s rankings with Google and the other search engines. Industry directories like 1-800-Dentist and for voice-over talent, Thomas Register of Manufacturers, ServiceMagic and Angie’s List for service businesses, can be useful directories to be listed in. Regional directories can also be useful, like the yellow pages, CitySearch and perhaps even the Chamber of Commerce directory.

Number 5 in our short marketing course is PR and Press Releases. Submitting articles about your products or business to the media through press release services paid services like PR Newswire, Business Wire, PRWeb and the numerous free services, could help you get write-ups in magazines, newspapers, respected online blogs and other media. Especially if they include a link to your website, this backlink from an authority website is considered a stamp of approval, and the search engines will often rank you higher than just about any other method. I’ve seen people reach number 1 on Google simply by getting a mention on a major news network’s website.

Number 6 in today’s short marketing course is publishing articles in online eZines. An eZine lets you write an article on a topic, that other people may be interested in pasting onto their website or blog. If the ABOUT THE AUTHOR section includes a link to your website, their posting your article will give you a nice backlink that the search engines likes.

Number 7 in bringing high quality visitors to your website is Pay-Per-Click Web ads and banners.

Google, Facebook and other search engines and social media typically offer pay-per-click advertising, also called PPC. This is where you pay them every time someone clicks on your ad. Some also offer pay-per-action advertising, called PPA, where you pay a higher amount for a lead or an actual purchase. PPC and PPA are usually auctions where, if you pay high enough and if your ad and product or service are deemed appropriate, they will post your ad so people can see it.

Many marketers will let you post your banner ad on their high-traffic website through a flat fee or some PPC or other arrangement.

Number 8 in today’s short marketing course is Viral Marketing.

This is typically where you create some video or email that gets so much attention, people want to share it with everyone they know. This gets your ad or video spreading like a virus, sometimes to millions of people, without your having to pay anything more than the initial production cost, if it cost you anything at all to produce. Viral is tricky, and it’s an art, finding or developing something that will go viral. But successful viral campaigns have multiplied the revenues for many clever marketers.

In PART 2 of today’s short marketing course I’ll go over the remaining 8 Internet marketing techniques for bringing people to your website.

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