Short Marketing Course – Boost Sales With Better Targeting of Your Customers

In our short marketing course today, here’s a quick look at how better focusing of your ads, your talks and other marketing will attract better customers faster and easier than how most people do it. Mastering this simple approach can dramatically boost your income while reducing the risks involved from spending money trying to bring in new customers.

It may surprise many taking today’s short marketing course for me to say…

If you want to improve the power and effectiveness of your advertising, emails, trade shows, networking, presentations and talks, make sure it’s obvious who should buy from you and why.

Now I can hear many of you going, Duh! But there’s an important reason I’ve included this in today’s short marketing course. The sad truth is, I’m surprised how often I look at an ad, hear a talk, or see a trade show booth and have no idea who they are trying to sell or why that person or company should be interested.

As part of this short marketing course, try this.

Imagine yourself in a crowded room, with, say 200 people. It’s your turn and they are asking you to spend about 3 minutes and announce what you do as a business. What would you say?

I’m willing to bet most of you taking today’s short marketing course would probably describe your product or service in generic terms. We have a thingamajig, or we do so-and-so. That may be informative, but it’s not effective.

If you’re standing in front of a large group of people, it’s because you’re trying to find the one or two people in the crowd who seriously want what you’re offering. Although everyone else in the crowd may politely listen, most of them could care less what you offer. So your goal needs to be finding those one or two people who are ideal, and ignore everyone else. You do this by telling the crowd who specifically you’re looking for, and then why that person should be interested in your product or service.

So, with today’s short marketing course I’d like you to consider this. Instead of speaking in terms of yourself or your product, speak in terms of WHO you’re looking for, and then, explain why THEY should be interested in what you’re offering.

You could say something like this…

I’m looking for someone with such-and-such a problem, who’s frustrated and would love to find a better solution. Does anyone out there have this problem? If yes, my product might be really interesting because it’s the only product on the market that does such-and-such.

Okay. So this short marketing course strategy is how you handle networking, where you’re standing in a crowd. But guess what? You use the same approach with your ads, your packaging, your trade shows and virtually every other marketing activity you engage in.

Let’s take your ads. If you’re in a newspaper or magazine, or on TV or the radio, aren’t you trying to find the few people in that whole crowd who have a certain problem your product or service solves?

I heard someone taking the short marketing course explain that they have a women’s clothing store, and that they’re not really solving any problem. But that’s silly. Of course they’re solving a problem…

In their case the problem was, to certain women who are leading boring mundane lives, this company offers an escape, with their fun stores and with clothes that are fun and exciting. Heck, many of you taking the short marketing course know that even Disneyland is the solution a problem, of what we’re going to do with the kids next weekend? Or… how can we escape all the stress of the world and just have a great time, like when we were young?

So, the point of today’s short marketing course is, if you want to improve the effectiveness of your ads, promotions, even your trade show booths, make it obvious from ten feet away WHO specifically you are trying to find, and then give THEM a clear reason why THEY should be interested in you.

Do this and you’ll start to see much stronger results from your marketing.

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