Short Marketing Course – How to Overcome the 3 Types of Buyer’s Resistance

In our short marketing course today, here’s a quick look at a strategy to help you overcome the three types of resistance many of your buyers have, that could really boost your marketing results. Mastering this with the help of today’s short marketing course will help you get more people to actually decide to go ahead and buy from you while reducing the resistance that prevents your business from growing faster.

Whether you realize it or not, when it comes to getting people to actually buy from you, many of you taking this short marketing course will find, there are THREE very distinct decisions each BUYER needs to make:

  • Do I need THIS product or service;
  • Am I comfortable buying it from YOU; and
  • Should I buy it NOW?

I learned this short marketing course lesson from a friend who was a senior exec from Ernst & Young, the major consulting firm. He explained that all Ernst’s senior reps were taught that every presentation must answer these three questions, which I like to call IT, US, NOW.

Will they buy IT, from US and NOW.

Although some buyers will quickly go through all three of these decisions, perhaps when buying an impulse item like a candy bar, for the rest of us taking today’s short marketing course, these are three questions you must overcome if you want people to actually buy from you.

Think back on someone who did not buy from you and most likely it was one of these three questions that killed the deal.

IT – Were they convinced they actually need what you were offering?

Did you verify up-front that they truly have the problem or need your product solves? Do they recognize that they have this problem or need?

Do they believe your product will actually solve this problem or need?

If not, that’s probably what got in the way of your closing the deal.

US – If they were convinced they need this type of product or service, were they comfortable buying from you?

Even if they were comfortable with yours, were they convinced buying from you rather than someone else would be the best idea?

If not, that probably got in the way of your closing the deal.

NOW – If they recognize they have this need and believe your product or service is ideal to satisfy that need, was there an urgency where they believe it should be bought now… or did they feel there’s no real rush to buy now?

If they did not have a sense of urgency to buy NOW, that probably got in the way of your closing the deal.

With this lesson from today’s short marketing course, once you become more effective at building your ads, websites and presentations around answering these three questions – of IT, US, NOW, turning more of your prospects into actual customers can be much easier.

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