Will It Blend? – iPad

Blend Tech – Will it Blend — iPad — Will It Blend campaign quadruples company sales

Here’s a terrific example of viral video at its best.

First they created the concept of grinding an iPad in their blender — something that grabs your attention. To date this video alone has generated more than 13 million views (how many people have seen your ad?) and the owner claims that in just two years their revenues have quadrupled.

If you do the math you’ll realize they spent almost nothing yet got more people to watch their ads than most businesses spending hundreds and thousands of times more (they also grind an iPhone, cell phones, expensive Nike shoes, and a bunch of other noteworthy items).

The lesson here is, could you come up with an outrageous demonstration of your product or service doing what it does best? If you could, this could be tremendously valuable for you.

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