Best Ideas for Small Business – Focus on Your Hottest Buyers

Here’s a simple way to boost your income while spending less on advertising and marketing. This is one of the best ideas for small business because it helps you bring in a lot more customers with a lot less work and cost.

If you’re looking for the best ideas for small business marketing, here’s something that has helped hundreds of small business owners dramatically improve their results — this one’s a doozie.

Limit your marketing spending to only those customers who have the greatest chance of buying from you. This may sound simple, but most small businesses do the exact opposite. In trying to apply the best ideas for small business, most marketers blow all their money and time trying to attract everyone without truly understanding the difference between a real buyer and everyone else.

Well, here’s a wake-up call. Most people out there will NEVER buy from you.

Let me repeat that. Regardless of how persuasive and great your advertising is, regardless of whether you are able to bring them to your website or Facebook page, by far, most will NEVER buy from you.

So one of the best ideas for small business to grow, is to NOT do what almost everyone else is doing. Instead, target only those few people who actually WILL buy from you, and forget about the rest.

Here’s how most people try to get customers. They waste their time and effort trying to tell EVERYONE about their product or service and hope somehow, someone will buy. You might as well stick your head out the window and yell out, “Does anyone want to buy from me?” You’ll probably have the same result.

But guess what. The good news is, a few people and businesses out there actually do want to buy from you. They are looking for exactly what you are offering. And the more you can understand how they are different from everyone else, the easier it will be to win them as customers.

Imagine you are in a room with 200 people, and you get 30 seconds to describe your business. What would you say?

Just telling them what you do — that’s how most people do it, in their talks and also, in their advertising. And that’s nuts! A much better approach is to tell them who exactly you are looking for.

The best ideas for small business success are useless if in your marketing materials and talks, all you do is tell people all about you and your product. Instead of talking about yourself, describe your ideal client and their problem.

By using this approach — of talking about the buyer rather than just focusing on yourself and your product or service, your marketing results can greatly improve. This can be one of the best ideas for small business growth you’ve ever tried. But this only works if you do a little homework. Do you truly understand what makes your real buyer different from everyone else? If you want to try one of the best ideas for small business, try this approach. I think you’ll be amazed at how powerfully simple this is and how it can dramatically accelerate your success.

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