The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

[Funny] Star Wars VW Commercial — funny but doesn’t sell the car

This was voted one of the most loved commercials of 2011.

But there are two problems.

First, most people who saw and loved the ad could not recall who it was an ad for. Most recalled that it was for a car company, but most could not say which.

Second, although the ad is great fun, it doesn’t show or tell you any reason why you’d want to buy the car. It mentions no features or benefits.

Lesson — If you’d rather make sales than win awards, make sure your ads clearly explain why someone should want to buy your product or service.

Also, ad agencies are often populated with wanna-be film directors… people who’d rather win awards than sell your products or services. So beware. The rules of advertising are the rules for selling. Give people a solid reason to buy or they probably won’t.

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