Got Milk? Commercial

Got Milk — breaking arms

What a scary commercial. At least they give you a reason to drink milk.

Four years after the GOT MILK campaign started, Business Week ran an article entitled, GOT MILKED – AFTER A $385 MILLION CAMPAIGN, SALES ARE DECLINING.

How could such a loved campaign be a failure? And if it’s a failure, why has it continued to run for so long?

First, it’s put on by an association of dairy producers. Since their families love the ads and they believe it creates tremendous goodwill, they continue to run it despite its failure to halt the decline of milk sales.

The bigger question is, how could such a loved campaign be a failure?

The answer is simple. For all the people who are lactose intolerant, or fear the rumors of prostate cancer or other ailments, and who could easily get alternate sources of calcium, this campaign really does not give you a reason to buy milk.

Although milk has many valuable benefits, GOT MILK entertains but fails to present the viewer with clear reasons why they should buy,

The lesson — In your ads, give people reasons to buy or they probably won’t.

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