(Book and Video Program)

This is not some junky add-on.

It’s a comprehensive guide on how to use the Internet to boost your income and results, including:

  • How to design killer websites;
  • 21 tips for great Internet marketing messages;
  • How to bring visitors to your Website;
  • Everything you want to know about Keyword Research;
  • SEO – how to get the search engines to love you;
  • Using Website analytics to tune your Internet marketing;
  • Landing pages that get results;
  • Creating and using downloadable eBooks and Brochures;
  • How to create email marketing & newsletters that deliver results;
  • Secrets to capturing email addresses;
  • Using paid search, pay-per-click, etc.
  • How to develop effective online banner ads;
  • Creating your own blogs, and podcasts;
  • Web videos – how to use this powerful (and simple) tool to generate traffic and sales no matter what business you’re in;
  • How to generate a viral marketing campaign;
  • Webinars & Web-based training – easier than most people realize;
  • How affiliate marketing works and how to benefit from this lucrative marketing technique;
  • Using social media – one of today’s secret weapons (when done right);
  • Mobile Marketing, and much more

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