Short Marketing Course – How 4 Simple Decisions Will Boost Your Income

Any short marketing course must include the 4-Decisions on how to get better results from your ads, emails, websites, talks, trade shows, presentations, networking or just about anything else you do to attract and win more customers for your product or business. Mastering the 4-Decisions will help you generate higher income from better customers, while reducing the risks involved with trying to build your business.

In our short marketing course today, let’s take a few minutes to understand the 4-Decisions and how you’ll want to use them to strengthen everything you do to bring in customers. Here’s a great example of how my 4 Decisions will simplify the marketing process for just about everyone, even you.

I was counseling a tennis pro who’s also a distributor for a health supplement called USANA, from a multi-level marketing company. She earns less than $10,000 a year from this, and wants to UP her income.

For today’s short marketing course, I want to encourage you to always begin with the 4 decisions, which are:

  • WHO specifically is your IDEAL target customer?
  • WHAT do you say to them, so they WANT to buy?
  • HOW will you reach THEM with your message? and
  • What’s something extra you could do or offer, to get them to BUY or act as soon as possible?

When I asked WHO she wants as an ideal target customer, at first she said, People who want better health and energy, including athletes. But to get the best answer for our short marketing course, I dug deeper. Pretty soon she admitted the richest distributors don’t JUST have customers who buy the products they also have other distributors, who sell these product as a source of added income for themselves. These best distributors tend to be health and fitness professionals, like chiropractors, yoga instructors, massage therapists, and so forth.

For today’s short marketing course I want you to notice how forcing yourself to select a SINGLE target customer, focuses your mind and your marketing on the BEST target?

Now that we know WHO specifically she wants to sell to, the next Decision is, WHAT does she want to say to them? For these health and fitness professionals it’s basically, How would you like to earn extra money offering some amazing supplements to your current clients?

Next for today’s short marketing course is, HOW will she get THIS message to those target customers? Like many of you taking today’s short marketing course, she has little money for marketing or advertising.

So, two of the best strategies for her are:

  • Networking through the local Chambers of Commerce, plus –
  • Email marketing – where she sends emails to health and fitness professionals.

For networking through the Chambers of Commerce, here’s something many of you taking today’s short marketing course may not know. Even if you’re not a member, most Chambers will let you attend their mixers for about $5 or $10 bucks. You can find out when the mixers are from each Chamber’s website.

For emailing to local health and fitness professionals, first-things-first. She’ll need to come up with names and email addresses of local professionals. For our short marketing course she’ll probably want to start by going to the Websites of the local Chambers of Commerce, and clicking the members section, which is usually free to access. She may have to manually go to each person’s website to get their email address, if the Chamber doesn’t list the actual email address. Then, she could get more names by going to google and the other search engines, as well as the various online directories, like the Yellow Pages and CitySearch websites, typing in, say chiropractors plus the name of EACH nearby city or zip code – one at a time, and getting the names and websites of each person listed.

Of course, next in today’s short marketing course is, now that she has the email addresses, she’ll need to come up with an actual email to send to them.

Her email will:

  • explain who she is,
  • her purpose for the email,
  • some information about the product she’s offering,
  • why the reader should be interested,
  • a link to a Web page that explains more about the product,
  • and an invitation to meet for coffee,
  • with her phone number.

This last part, of including the Website link plus an invitation for coffee, covers the last of the 4 decisions – the CALL TO ACTION.

So now you’ve seen how powerful these 4 Decisions have been for her.

They got her to:

  • Identify who specifically she wants to target with her marketing;
  • What to say to them;
  • How to reach them, and
  • How to motivate them to action

– in her case, by giving them a link to a web page and inviting them to coffee.

For today’s short marketing course, in the fourth Decision, she could also have added a kicker, something like – click this link for a FREE report on SIX WAYS HEALTH & FITNESS PROFESSIONALS ARE BOOSTING THEIR INCOME. But even without this, she has identified and contacted hot prospects with a valuable message that may generate many leads and customers.

I’m telling you. My process of the 4-Decisions is such a simple way to generate real and growing income for your business, you won’t believe how easy it can be.

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