SoftSoap “Pump the Pump”

Liquid Softsoap —  Instructional Video Where Buyers Are Not Necessarily the Users

This Liquid Softsoap commercial is brilliant in how they differentiate their product from its main competitor — bar soap, and how it targets two different audiences… parents who buy the product and kids who use it.

Although I found the “Pump the Pump” cartoon and jingle annoying, the approach may appeal to younger kids.

The lessons for you are three-fold:

1. Clearly position your product AGAINST its competitors (and note your competitor may be a category — like bar soap — and not a specific brand);

2. Give people a specific reason why they should buy yours rather than the alternative; and

3. If the buyer and the user of your product or service are not the same person, make sure you have a different message, and perhaps a different approach for the buyer and the user of your product.

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