Small Business Marketing Help – Increasing Sales by Expanding the Size of Your Market

Small Business Marketing Help - The Key to Growing Your Small Business

Small Business Marketing Help – A Key to Growing Your Small Business is Identifying a Large Enough Market of “Low-Hanging-Fruit”

For those of you who want small business marketing help, here’s a simple way to expand the size of your market of ready buyers, so more people are interested in buying your product or service.

When I do a market analysis for someone’s product or service, I like to begin my small business marketing help by looking at the low-hanging-fruit. Which people are easiest to sell? Then I look at the market size, meaning, are there enough of those people to make it worthwhile to go after them?

A women I was recently helping told me about her color business. A pseudo-interior designer, she is in the business of helping homeowners add color to their homes and offices. So, from a small business marketing help perspective, low-hanging-fruit for her is people who want to add color to their homes, not a very large market.

But if we go beyond the color aspect, and understand why people want color in the first place, we start to identify a much larger market to go after.

This lady begins her consultation with a client by taking them through a famous color test to determine their color preferences. Not the simple, “What’s your favorite color,” kinda stuff. But rather, “Which colors affect you favorably and which affect you negatively.”

For couples, she determines separately each person’s color preferences, then finds the common denominators so she is able to identify the best colors for their environment.

But for her small business marketing help, I want to dig deeper and ask, “Why do people care about color in the first place… Why not just have neutral walls.”

When I ask these questions, an interesting issue comes up.

It turns out, color affects your emotions, your ability to concentrate, your self image, your feeling of confidence and well-being, and much more.

Actually, the wrong colors could cause you to have arguments and could hurt your ability to become happy and successful. You could literally select certain colors and add them to your work or home environment, and suddenly, relationships are better, and your ability to become more successful multiplies, in some cases exponentially.

I know this probably sounds crazy. But did you ever go into a room and find yourself irratable, perhaps more argumentative than usual, and perhaps less confident than you normally are? If you look around, more often than not there is some physical element, perhaps your stomach is bothering you or you are feeling somehow under the weather… or… the color of the room is negatively affecting you.

For those of you seeking the best small business marketing help, the point is simple.

This lady is not looking for people who want to add color to their environments. That’s too small a market.

What she’s really looking for is people who want to change their lives, who want to feel safer and more confident in their work and home environments, who want to feel strong, who want to feel more loving and less argumentative at work and at home.

And guess what? This is a much larger market than simply people who just want color in their home or workplace.

So for YOUR product or service, who is the low-hanging-fruit? Who are the people that would love to have your product or service?

For these people, what are the true deep-down benefits they get once they have, own and use your product or service?

If you can focus on the people who want the BENEFITS and not just the features, I’m willing to bet you’ll find a much larger market of low-hanging-fruit, of people who are hungry for your product or service, if they could only figure out how to get it.

I believe if you follow this strategy, it will expand your thinking on how to win the highest number of the most valuable customers for your product or business. And that, I think, could be one of the most important marketing benefits you will receive for your small business.

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