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About Small Business Marketing Plans.

It’s surprising how many people develop a marketing plan for their small business that misses some of the simplest and lowest cost methods for achieving dramatic growth.

To more fully understand how to develop an effective small business marketing plan, it helps when you examine local successes and even the majors, from Disney to Apple to Amazon to Kinkos, from Carbonite to The Clapper to WD-40 to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and so many more.  

Small Business Marketing Plans – Schools Take the Fun Out of It!

By reviewing real successes, you quickly realize that small business marketing plans are given a back seat.

You start to discover that although many of these great businesses are viewed with admiration by local and national business programs, the crucial elements responsible for transforming them from a small business into such a major success are barely mentioned (or understood) in the nation’s marketing programs. 

The reason is simple…

Generally business schools have a love affair with large business but not with smaller ones. Small business marketing is not considered sexy enough — and so, even the so-called “entrepreneurial” programs that help you develop your critical marketing plan, tend to be boring as hell!

Most business schools get caught up in the subjects of their MBA programs — managing large work-forces, buying Super Bowl advertising, mergers and IPOs – because that’s sexier than what small business marketing plans gets to address.

So, like awful-tasting medicine, entrepreneurial programs tend to concentrate their mindless insistence towards financial and statistical prudence.

What a load of garbage.

It’s why so many college professors fear the new class of entrepreneurial teachers and coaches. We are not professional educators full of half-baked theories. We have done it! We are financial successes in our own right. We understand that making money is fun. And when it stops being fun, we’re doing something wrong.

We understand that it can be infinitely better and more lucrative to build your own business than to work for some faceless corporation. And done right, you can earn significantly more money than the CEOs of many Fortune 500 companies, by running your own small business — without stockholders second guessing your every move.

But guess what? Developing and implementing an effective small business marketing plan can be great fun. Done right, it can be the secret to great wealth and success, both financial and emotional.

As early film star Sophie Tucker once said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and Honey, rich is better!”


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