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Proposal Development and Simplifying the Decision for Sales and Marketing Plans

Have you communicated to the buyer how your product or service is better than the alternatives? Do you understand how it’s better?


Strategic Tip:

When someone gives you an objection like,

“Your price is much higher than such-and-such competitor,”

here’s a technique that may help, called the EXACT SWAP. Say:

“That’s exactly the reason you want to go with us. (a) Why do you think their price is so low?” – or – “(b) Why do you think our price is higher?”

The key is your not answering the question if you don’t have to, but letting them answer it in their own mind, and your nodding your head and saying, “Exactly!”


Next, after your product or service has been presented effectively, it’s on to closing up the loose ends.


STEP FIVE — Proposal Development

(submitting a document when needed).


Once you find a prospect who is interested, in some cases a formal proposal will need to be prepared.

Do you know how your proposal should be formatted, bound and visually prepared?

Have you explained how your product or service addresses your prospect’s priorities, problems and issues? Have you stated this early and prominently in your proposal?

Does your proposal make an effective case for why they should buy your product, why they should buy from you, and why they should buy it now?

Are key sections of your proposal easy to find – such as the price and other parts the buyer may need — particularly if they need to get approval from senior management?

If your proposal is lengthy enough, does it need a table of contents at the beginning?

When proposals are part of the selling process, sales and marketing plans must account for the time involved for proposal development, and how it extends the time to close a deal.


STEP SIX — Facilitating the Decision

(making it easy to buy now)


Have you made it easy for the prospect to buy from you?

How could you make it even easier? Could easier terms and conditions be offered?

Have you provided any incentive if they buy now?

Have you established some deadline for their taking action, so they have an incentive to act now?


See Page 4: Outlining How to Close Sales and Wrap Up Details in Your Sales and Marketing Plans